Fringe Fashion Trend 2016

They have been on the rise in 20 years. Who can’t remember the dresses of the sensitive? The good news is that the retro wave is bringing many past trends. Of course, they’re back; however they are renewed and has more bold fringe!

The trend that appeared and is still a bit shy in the winter promises to rule the world in the summer; whether in clothing or in accessories, it brings more glamour to the look.

Especially for those who like looks with a boho touch, fringes look great for composing with more relaxed and stylish productions.

The bags with fringes go very well with country style and combine perfectly with lace, leather and jeans, but they are commonly seen in more sophisticated productions.

Although many people still get a little insecure to join the outfit, using feathering in the right way, it won’t let you look like you came out in costume of the 1920s and less like a cowgirl from Texas. But it’s good to keep in mind that bangs can really help as the way of mounting your look of the day.

A tip for those who still have a little worry is to leave for a production like a skirt or dress of fringes, and bet on the fringes just in necklines, sleeves, backs or accessories.

Of course, the trend has won the hearts from the people who love parade glamorous productions!

The important thing is to feel safe when you are using this outfit.

Ear bling, a trend that promises to make the ears of chicks.

Tips to not err in your productions with fringes:

-Bulky fringes, the trick is to combine them with more drained, fair parts, avoiding increasing the volume because we must seek a balance in the look.
-For night looks, opt for thinner bangs which may have sparkles or satin, because they combine well with skirts, dresses or blouses; and to end the production, invest in more thin sandals or peep toes.
– Do not mix parts and accessories with fringes because too much information is never cool.
-If you have wide hips, opt for bangs which is on the the thorax, calling more attention to the top.
-If you have narrow hips, however, the trick is to pick the skirts or dresses with a lot of style.

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