“Girls” Soundtrack: New Song By Santigold

I can with the best will not remember to have been twice as a crush in his series since beverly hills. And so addicted to new episodes. The hbo show ”girls” of obviously like a gift of from heaven, a very welcome alternative to have eyelets glamour formats as”sex & the city”, balm for the soul and feed for brain. This time, even the maker and protagonist’s success, namely, lena dunham, almost adorable. A genius. An idol for felt to hold every second young woman of the planet, used her head rather than diets. But not only the episodes are even worth seeing, but also the accompanying soundtrack is an exciting encounter between newcomers and old-timers, it proves to us the musical composition for the 1st season: ”girls – volume 1: music from the hbo original series”. Shortly before the start of season 2, we hear here not only songs by belle & sebastian, robyn, fleet foxes, sleigh bells, icona pop as well as tegan and sara, but also from santigold, the the brand new track ”girls” delivers.

We may listen to santigolds soundtrack contribution also so even before the official release on 08 january 2013.

All tracks of the soundtrack in the browser:

Girls – volume 1: music from the hbo original series (standard edition):

01 robyn: ”dancing on my own”
02 fun.: ”sight of the sun”
03 harper simon:”wishes and stars”
04 santigold:”girls”
05 white sea:”overdrawn”
06 grouplove: ”everyone’s gonna get high”
07 icona pop : ”I love it”
08 the echo friendly:”same mistakes”
09 belle & sebastian: ”I don’t love anyone”
10 fleet foxes:”montezuma”
11 oh country:”white nights”
12 the vaccines:”wreckin bar (ra ra ra)”
13 lia ices:”love is won”
14 michael penn:”on your way”

In addition to the standard version, there will also be a digital deluxe edition , on the even more songs have found. That music for the series is even pretty important, stresses lena itself:

Music is such a huge part of my creative process. I make playlists to write by and listen to as i head to set in the morning, and i experiment in editing with songs that the characters would love and that accurately reflect their struggles. Girls ‘ music supervisor manish raval and i are crazy about everything from the pop that teen girls devour to the niche indie rock from days of yore. To collaborate with fueled by ramen and so many artists who inspire me on this compilation is a dream.

Girls – volume 1: music from the hbo original series (deluxe edition) (digital only):

01 robyn:”dancing on my own”
02 fun.:”sight of the sun”
03 harper simon:”wishes and stars”
04 santigold:”girls”
05 white sea:”overdrawn”
06 grouplove:”everyone’s gonna get high”
07 sleigh bells:”infinity guitars”
08 tegan & sara:”fool to cry”
09 the echo-friendly :”same mistakes”
10 icona pop:”i love it”
11 belle & sebastian:”i don’t love anyone”
12 the troggs:”with a girl like you”
13 fleet foxes:”montezuma”
14 oh country:”white nights”
15 generationals:”yours forever”
16 the vaccines:”wreckin’ bar (ra ra ra)”
17 lia ices: ”love is won”
18 michael penn:”on your way”

On 13 january 2013 starts the second season of ”girls”. You see here the trailer to do so:

Via pitchfork.