Guess Summer Dresses


Do not go unnoticed even some of the new line dresses Guess by Marciano, with a variety of proposals that fit perfectly with any kind of silhouette, the slender woman but also to the whole curve. Beautiful, elegant and stylish this dress in silk evening has an elegant style yet casual, a mood that is evident in the cut and in the neckline of this mini-dress with a pink literally sparkling coral (€ 189.00).

Passing from pastel shades to the press we run into this beautiful dress, comfortable and lightweight, with a V to be tightened at the waist with this slim belt long sleeves and neckline (€ 189.00). Between classic and modern, on the other hand, the dress with lapels, which must be worn, too, with the belt (€ 199.00). And in the end a pleated dress very classic to wear even on those occasions that require a much more formal dress code (€ 199.00).


There’s more than one in every woman’s wardrobe, the black dress is the only leader who can wear and recycle as many times as we want, so that we are now also used to show it off in those contexts in which we should rather fall back on other shades , at weddings for example. But we continue to wear it first of all because we save in all the circumstances in which we have nothing to put, those in which we would need a new dress, but we do not have time to ventured, and in all the occasions that require some formalities.

So without losing too much in conversation we discover what are the most beautiful blacks clothes of the new collection of Guess summer fashion, starting right from the classic maxi dress that the brand offers us a sleeveless version with a rounded neckline mesh effect on which the sweetheart neckline stands (€ 89,90).

Two very similar models, both screwed, but should be worn in totally different occasions: the first is a soft, pleated dress with red waistcoat and a small leather belt at the waist, the other is a slim fit models eccentric and biting, a perfect dress if you want a sexy garment for a special occasion (both € 119.90).

A sheath dress seemingly classic but with modern touches that small tear to the banality of the classic black fitting dress: in this case are just the side curl and lace inserts that define the uniqueness of this garment (€ 89.90).

Still have two more variants of the classic little black dress: on the left a curled pattern and soft on top (€ 79.90), to the right a simple dress with soft profiles in viscose with a particular neckline, a sleeveless dress you may also wear at work (€ 99.90).

Finally a sheath dress from stunning style with open-work on the breast and along the sleeves.Sexy but simple, this is definitely the kind of dress that everyone should have in the cupboard (€ 89.90).