Hair Dress Style

Age of twenty years, the hairdresser of Zurich, Pablo Kümin, dedicated a cult hair.It creates even hair dresses! He also does his job of hairdresser brilliantly since he won the title of ‘Hairdresser of the year’ in his country of origin. In addition, his hairstyles and make-up are acclaimed all over the world.

Initially, the creator used hair picked up in his living room, but now he gets the Manes of the India. Each dress takes hundreds of hours of work! See for yourself in this video (in English):

As cheap summer fashion, maxi summer dresses are not really intended for commercialization. The maxi dress is intended rather to use them to draw attention to his main work. However, his creations have appeared in many magazines and it became an Ambassador for the brand Balmain Hair.

I must confess that before you see them, I was very skeptical. Now I find quite interesting dresses and original approach. But not for wear in everyday life, of course!