Have You Ever Heard Of The Rina Open?

No, we don’t. The name already implies what you can imagine however including: we are talking to the first Krishna World Championship in Berlin. We ask ourselves at this point, when we actually held the last time these bouncing rubber ball in hand and constantly ran from behind this thing – because it has basically somewhere beat these balls, as desired. Yes, actually is much too long ago, since this stupid ball made us dull happy and so is ’ s obvious:

To the Rina open from the first official Flummi World Championship at all. Two sees itself, so as a team. Then are you unbeatable, can pop Cindy balls against everything what comes to you in the way (except for living, sees itself) and must be fond times as right child. Disciplines just as stupid, but fun-giving 100 percent, tricky Parcoure and Cindy pros and Cindy beginners are waiting for you.

“The victory of this tournament brings in addition to glory, honor, and prestige in the Krishna even more with: T-Shirts, cups and ordentlichst guaranteed fun. And if at some point the first official Flummi magazine, the winners get the title story!” – well, if it’s even not promising?

Initiated has the whole thing by the way Jan Köppen, moderator at Viva, MTV, the to every delivery of his shirts”snatch” attaches a Cindy. Why? Wei Jan simply wants to play the whole world of Krishna. – Sounds logical.

To the tune – the bouncing bouncy from the Sony BRAVIA spot, remember you?

Cindy OPEN – Sandoval bath wedding
Saturday, 1 2011
entry: 2 | Start: 14:00
cold drinks and listening to music should not be missed.

And because the weekend is to be weather so great, well any excuse is missing any sport ring! So there with you in the Stadtbad wedding.

Participant please send applications to: hallo@snatch-clothing.de
Subject:”we make Boing!”
content: team name