High Summer: 10 Top Summer Trends To Bet On

For some time already it’s been revealed what will be the trend pieces from the spring/summer 2016. However, as we are still at the height of summer, it’s worth strengthening which models are on the rise.

High Summer 10 Top Summer Trends To Bet On

Whoever likes the boho style, the years 70, can celebrate, because it is still in its prime season. So, get ready for an invasion of gowns, sleeves evasês, many cropped pieces and crochet bikinis, monkeys, kimonos, lace details, fringed and embroidered with colored lines.

The catwalks of the fashion shows in New York and London, have shown how a tendency to blue color (in various shades) and prints by referring to the bottom of the sea.

In general, the brands they bet on a more simple, with a focus on cut and parts modeling. The vibrant colors have thinned out a little, making room for light colors, especially pastels.

The romantic trend also marked its presence in the parades of the major brands, with fluid fabrics, delicate floral prints and cuts in many of the pieces as seen.

To provide guidance, we summarize the main trends (for you to bet on this high summer!) in a list of 10 items:

1. Toast and delicate Fabrics (Lace and crochet)

Following the line of romanticism, the bet is the delicate fabrics, with an air of “handmade”. The lace and crochet are super high and can be seen stamping pieces of swimwear (as beach exits and kimonos). In addition, the crochet and lace were incorporated into street wear, and may be combined with more rustic pieces, like the thin belts tressê (who own the braided weave), leather accessories, espadrilhes, hats, denim shirts, oxford shoes, or even heavier parts with jeans and ankle boots for those who like to mix styles.

2. Bonds

Once again the romance blooms on the runway (which exhibited ties into several pieces!). However, what should be done in stealth mode and more minimalist, now makes a point of showing up without fear, coming to look up over the top. The loop enters as something vital, and not just a detail. If you like this fashion, bet on dresses with lace and the simpler modeling coats, but with the detail of exorbitantly.

3. Prints

Regardless of style, large or small, the prints are all the rage! If you’re the classic bet on minimalist type (such as stripes and poás). If you already are modern and not afraid of risk, you can invest in larger prints, with colors and floral that have featured!

4. Light colors

The pastels are the new! Can abuse the light colors, like white, nude, soft yellow, pink and peach, without fear.

Still, the strong colors in fluorine colors remain high. The pink and citrus tones don’t have fallen out of fashion.

5. Fluid Dresses

The dresses in the format, the years 60, came back with everything! They are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, imitating a trapeze. How are quite loose at the bottom, are ideal for those who have narrow hips, they do give the impression of volume and balance the proportions of the body.

6. Fringe

Fringes were incorporated by the boho style, of 70 years, and still high! They are present in several pieces like skirts, tops and dresses, gowns, flowing kimonos.

7. Textures and Cutouts

Worth playing with textures, reliefs and 3D applications, because the summer is all about daring! Also come into play applications with pedrarias, pendants, studs, spikes and metallic finishes. The leaked clippings, waist (strategically!), are also on the rise. They can be seen mainly in dresses, which are pure charms!

8. Sport wear

The Sport wear if shows how strong tendency, giving a cool air, ideal for those women who like to innovate. The cool thing is that you can play with the combinations, mixing a casual shirt with a shorts that have a “sports more footprint”, but with metallic finish, for example.

9. Pants pantaloons

The pantaloons are with all this summer! In addition, there were the back of pants clochard (or cropped pants), even in swimwear. We don’t know yet if this trend of “short pants” will get, but it’s a bet among the fashionistas.

10. Pieces with asymmetric cut

Following a trend a little more daring, the asymmetric looks could not be left out of this list. To give a modern look the look, it’s worth betting on skirts and dresses in this style. Asymmetry has many tips, irregularities and overlays. If combined properly, these pieces can lengthen the silhouette, add volume (where necessary) and disguise any part of the body strategically. A tip for not sinning by excess, is to invest in a piece by asymmetric look, i.e. if you chose a asymmetrical cut shorts, for example, use a blouse most basic, to bring it out.