How to Build Casual Looks: Tips, Photos, Fashion, Ideas

The first rule to learn how to assemble casual looks is: never despise a part of your wardrobe. Fashion is volatile and is modified over the years bringing back past trends, sometimes parts closet that you would never think to use again and so worth saving everything and revisit the hangers from time to time.

The second rule is even simpler: respect your body. Tight clothing too, uncomfortable and high shoes only to be fashionable is not fashion, but sacrifice. If the piece is not cool but everyone uses, not worth it. Take only what you feel good and value your body. It’s simple: well dressed, do not press and length and necklines are not common, it is their part to use at will. And the same piece of clothing used for various uses.

Tips to Mount Casual Looks for the Day

Looks with jeans – despite being considered a basic piece for the day, you can go out at night too smoothly, since the top is according to your idea. The proposal of jeans is to feel casual and comfortable ever, so the movements are hampered to dress and sitting and standing are a sacrifice, not light. The average waist model is the most comfortable of the market and helps to not break the belly in the long run.

With that combines jeans? For a work environment goes very well with dress shirt button and sneaker, shoe or sandal medium heel and boot up short barrel fashionable winter or long barrel if the idea is well warm the feet. Shirts tank top with jeans are great pieces for day to day and cotton and legal prints take you to any movie theater or mall with style.

Looks with pencil skirt – super feminine piece is a great tip to get out of day or night with social shirts. The fairer models blouse is a tip for those who have thin waist and want to highlight the curves. There is also the option of stylish pencil combination, shirt and knitted jacket or blazer mini with a pretty basic high heels. So you’re ready for any occasion, from a surprise meeting to a happy hour with friends, just remove the jacket.

Looks mini skirt – some list the mini skirt and sexy piece. In fact it is so, has its extremely feminine touch, but super stylish. Provided it is not used in the workplace is a piece super stylish, casual chic and even depending on the fabric. The trick is to not abuse the mini length to not be ordinary. And how to use? With shirt and sneaker, sneakers and cotton blouse with fun prints, with top or batinha to offset the mini length at the bottom, among other ideas.

Looks with dress – gives to change the face of a dress. Complementing the look with some accessories like a wider waist belt, a long necklace and a social or boot shoe you can put together a completely different look for the same piece already sometimes used. For a look winter add style to your winter coat with a dress and boots high-top and is ready for any event both day and night.

Looks with jacket – this is the winter basic piece dearest to mount the look and there are no secrets. Combine with jeans, woven pants thick or dress. Both worth the tone on tone as a color in shirt differential to highlight your part.

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