How to Choose a Prom Dress for Your Body Shape

Find a party dress nice, elegant and fashionable is very easy in view of the quantity of models available today in stores. The challenge is to find the dress that best fits your body shape, emphasizing your strengths and perfectly fits your personal style. On tout Comment, we give you a few tips for how to choose a dress according to your body and make feel you comfortable at any event.

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Morphology in triangle. Women who have this type of morphology have shoulders narrower and thinner than the hips, glutes and legs, often quite large.

To compensate for this disparity, the ideal is to opt for a light and fluid evening dress that does not mark size, concealing the width of the hips. To do this, the dresses with a cup empire are the best choice. Part draped chest broadens the shoulders, while the wide part of the skirt hides curves. Similarly, the dresses with empire and a bustier cut are wonderful on individuals at the morphology in triangle.

Morphology in triangle inverted. This morphology is the opposite of the previous: the upper part of the body is wider than the lower part. In other words, it is characterized by a broad back, a large chest and hips and thin legs.

In this case, it is advisable to choose a summer party dress that draws attention to the area of the hips and conceals the width of the shoulders. Choose a plus size dress whose top is simple, with vertical lines and having designs on the bottom, like ruffles or decorations, which are very fashionable at the moment.


Morphology in hourglass. This type of morphology is characterized by shoulders and hips roughly in the same proportion, a narrow waist and sharp curves. The great chance to women who have this morphology is they feel good in virtually all the dresses.

Ideal for this morphology is to highlight the curves and highlight the silhouette with a dress adjusted that mark the size. Take the opportunity to wear fitted models, with shoulders uncovered, printed fabrics, Rhinestones, etc.


Round morphology. This type of morphology is characterized by a round figure in general but also by arms and thin legs, and a very little marked size.

To avoid attracting attention to the chest and the upper part of the body, it is recommended to choose an evening dress that is too tight and that is either too large or too provocative print.Solid color and light dresses are going very well for women with a round shape. Dresses with vertical lines are also a good choice.


Rectangular morphology. The rectangular silhouette is very straight, with the same width of shoulders and hips and a significant enough size. In addition, women who have this type of morphology usually have little chest.

To choose a party dress, the goal is to try to create curves and draw the silhouette with fine fabrics and print dresses that create movement. The arched dresses at the top but with a filmy skirt, as well as dresses with a belt to mark the silhouette are a good choice.


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