How to Choose an Evening Dress

You are looking for the evening DRESS! You hesitate on a short evening dress, a long evening dress, a dress fancy or glamorous… you only have the choice.

Before choosing the dress, think about the evening  is an evening between friends where we want to dress well? A dress to wear to a gala evening or even a wedding party? Yes this is not the same thing. And you do not opt for the same extravagance.

Analyze much the evening and ask yourself if there is a dressing code on the colors, the style. It is not question to come up with a totally offbeat outfit.

Once these questions in mind, you can start looking for THE evening dress need you. You can already be flashed on the evening dress of your dreams, but is it right for you? I’ll give now a few tips that can help you in the choice of a dressed dress see very dressed.

Choose her dress according to its shape and size.

At the present time, it’s over to think that because we’re not good enough, we can’t wear evening dress. You feel too small, too large, too round or not enough…? There must be the evening dress that suits you. Simply take the time to study your morphology.

A dress for a morphology pyramid:

You have a morphology “pyramid”, a narrow chest and broad hips. Choose a chic floral dress with a high adjusted and ample, according to This will balance your figure. The look will be attracted to the top of your dress, do not hesitate to accessorize your outfit with a necklace, a stole…

A dress for a morphology in a triangle:

Conversely, if you have rather a bust and broad shoulders, with hips, a size and slender legs… choose ashort party dress with puffed sleeves. Draw the eye on the finer parts of your body and emphasize your hips with a belt.

A dress for a rectangular and Petite morphology:

You have a “rectangular” petite figure, a small size, a small chest and no hips. Prefer a dress with volume, folds to create relief to your silhouette. Short or long with a V-neck to enhance your cleavage, or also a evening dress strapless. Avoid the turtlenecks, which highlight your small chest

An evening round Womens dress:

Your body shape is round. Choose a dress Gala fluid, wide. Preferably, a long evening dress, which is not above the knee. Play to your strengths. Choose the fabric pleated at the front and straight cuts.Avoid the stretch material that mold.

A dress for hourglass morphology:

You are rather “Hourglass”, a slim waist with hips and chest. A evening dress tight well marked to the size will be ideal. As well as a dress wrap flared to highlight your cleavage. Forget the straight cut dress!

An evening for a small dress size:

Are you small? No worries, there still is not a problem. You’re going to have to play on the height! You have the chance to wear short, so forward the evening dress short with high heels  if you are small and if you like the long, go on a straight cut model and then adjust to your size. With heels you will see that you will be very elegant.

A party for a large dress size:

You are great. The long evening dress is made for you! And if you’re slender, dare the short in front and long behind. The asymmetrical side will bring also a nice effect. You can almost wear but avoid however short that may be deemed too short on you and will can be very uncomfortable during the evening.

You will find the dress of your dreams… on sites of online evening dress, in the store. There is more than to embark on fitting ladies…;)