How to Choose Cabin Luggage

A cabin suitcase, otherwise known as cabin baggage or hand luggage or suitcase 50x40x20, is a suitcase that you do not need to register in the hold, and you can take in the cabin on the plane.

Choose Cabin Luggage

Perfect for a weekend, the cabin suitcase is very popular because it saves time, money and convenience. However, there are many models of cabin luggage, and find it is not an easy task!

So hard case or soft bag? What dimensions to be sure to spend in the cabin, even in low-cost? Ma Valise-cabin aims to guide you to allow you to quickly make the right choice, and from the free spirit!

What is a cabin suitcase, exactly?

A suitcase, hard case or soft, is said cabin bag when authorized in space “passengers” of an aircraft, as opposed to the hold.

The cabin bag may be interchangeably called by INTERNETAGES as trolley, hand luggage, hand luggage, cabin travel bag, luggage 50x40x20… it is always of a suitcase accepted in the cabin of an airplane, and stored in the luggage compartment at-Dessus passenger seats in all companies.

It is extremely convenient for:

  • Able to embark and disembark quickly: because you do not have to wait for unloading your cabin baggage on the conveyor belt, unlike other travelers,
  • Avoid loss, damage and save the costsrelated to the baggage hold-up: it is not rare that they are banged up during travel,
  • Have access to all his business (sweater, glasses, toiletries) during a flight: it is very valuable to be ready at all times and never get bored
  • ! Travel light take a smaller bag forces you to do what you should do anyway in most cases, take less vacation business, even wash or buy on the spot… it’s so much more convenient!

In short, a good cabin suitcase is often saves time and money .

Your questions, our answers!

What are the specific regulations?

The cabin luggage regulations vary depending on the airline, but a clear consensus emerges.

Indeed, all domestic flights are subject to the same regulations: the sum of the height, width and length of cabin baggage must not exceed 115 cm.

The maximum authorized weight it depends on the airline. Find what cabin baggage dimensions allowed for your company, so you always have a suitcase that adorned the trip cabin across the globe.

Choose a flexible or rigid cabin suitcase?

The question needs to be asked! Indeed, the main benefit of being a hard case its strength during the bunkering on the plane and during handling at the airport, one can legitimately ask whether it is really necessary to have a cabin suitcase rigid. To this question we can not answer for you, simply provide a few thoughts elements:

  • A hard case is not afraid of scratches, scratches or tears: it is an exceptional companion over time
  • A flexible cabin suitcase is generally less expensive, and has more external storage practice

So durability and great convenience? You decide! Know that our performance cabin luggageare generally rigid suitcases when our suitcases money are often flexible!

Choose two wheels or four wheels?

Good question again! If the standard has long been two wheels for a cabin bag (easy to carry, lighter, more affordable and better stability in the arrested position), know that now, thanks to some technological innovations that are the result of major brands in the industry, considering four wheels as the ultimate. Why? Some indications:

  • Suitcases four wheels, specifically those that enable traveling at 360 °, areideal for navigating the boarding areas: stations, airports, roads – nothing to do with the two wheels that you impose a single direction of travel
  • Four wheels also means that if by chance one had to break, to jam, etc.You are still easily mobile-which is not the case, you have understood, for suitcases cabin two wheels.
  • Today, some very affordable hard suitcases are 4 wheels!

So how do you choose? If you continue to focus on luggage two wheels cabin, you will find our selection on this page. If you want to convert you to the four wheels , our selection you will also help.

What brands are recommended?

  • In luggage general public,a brand stands out: Samsonite. Known for its excellence, including rigid upscale bags, the brand on the cross is a safe bet thanks to a guarantee of 10 years or more and after-sales service outstanding. Try one of our suitcases Samsonite cabin !
  • The brand Eastpak is, meanwhile, very well positioned in the luggage cabin quality / price.His experience in the field of the backpack (guaranteed 30 years anyway) and its expertise luggage makes it a contender for best airplane luggage, handy at that.See Eastpak luggage cabin
  • Finally, other brand cabin suitcase out their own in the game. We think Roncato in Delsey … They deserve a look!See cabin luggage Delsey

How to pack without taking up space? Our tips for all carry in your hand luggage!

So naturally, that said cabin suitcase said pokey space for your things … It’s true, of course, you would enjoy less space to carry your business with a large suitcase. However,there is a smart way to his cabin suitcase, which could change your outlook on things.

Indeed, there is a clever way to pack (and believe us, we tried a lot!). Ready for a short course? Watch this short video (in English), and … you no longer will fold your luggage as before.

Prefer nonetheless shirts or blouses plaid or other reasons, so that crumpling imperfections are not noticeable. Now you can breathe: this trip with friends, or this weekend in Barcelona is going to do with all your clothes!

How to choose your cabin bag

Ma Valise-Closet was created to assist you in your choice of a cabin bag that matches your expectations. Also, we guide you through the cabin luggage market.

  • To choose a cabin baggage, several criteria must be taken into account: the strength of the material, the quality of mobile elements (zippers, wheels), lightness and maneuverability … These points are detailed in our suitcase buying guide cab , so feel free to check it out …
  • If you want a cabin suitcases panorama available on the market, visit ourdetailed comparison of cabin luggage
  • Finally, we also supply youour recommendation of hand luggage on whether you are an avid traveler, frequent or occasional

Enjoy your visit to My-Case-cabin!