How to Choose Chino Pants

If the fall-winter collections are usually biased dark colours, this is not the case this year. At least regarding the chinos for men pants. So check out our selection of chinos colorful to the end of the year!

How to Choose Chino Pants

Gray, black, Brown… Autumnal tints are not always very cheerful. Yes, but that was before. For collections autumn / winter 2012-2013, brands have not hesitate to display the color on pants.

The chino, kesako?

At the end of the year, the unquestioned star of the menswear is chino.Born in the 19th century in the British colonial troops, these pants usually sported a tone beige, neutral enough to not to say face. A time relegated to the dustbin, chinos have fully benefited from the advent of the preppy trend so that they now come in a variety of models. Special features: bold colours, far away from the old dad pants.

Today, all brands or almost offer a chinos, with a palette of colors ranging from yellow mustard to the electric blue through the dregs of wine or bright red.

How to properly wear chinos?

You understand that the chino must today display the color, but bestaah has the tips to recall too how to choose and wear maternity pants. This type of pants is the ideal type Converse Shoes or boots.

On the side of the size, it is better to avoid too wide pants: chino is doing relatively close to the body. For the length, it depends on how you wear: it is indeed possible to opt for a small hem if you want to roll it down.otherwise, make sure that the bottom of the pants there not more than two folds on the shoe.

Finally, the chino can count on a final significant advantage: it allows you to bring a bit of color to your winter outfit, to also help show a casual summer look especially if you choose to wear with espadrilles.