How to Choose Dress According to Your Body Shape

The little black dress is ‘the’ timeless trend to be canon for sure. Elegant wish, she knows we break deadlock the mornings (and evenings) in lack of inspiration… A must for our wardrobe.

But how to choose? To choose what Cup? What are the models don’t miss this season?

Read on, in this post I give you also a discovered recently, magical place where!

1 / The Little Dress Black / / how to choose

Instagram shows us every day from girls (say rather ‘creatures’ that would be more appropriate), all more glamorous than the other one dressed in a simple black dress… and that is enough to make them beautiful.Suddenly, we have all wanted to rush on the net to acquire the Grail, by searching the room that need us for our next party…

How to choose the model which will highlight us?
Rule universal No. 1: who cares for the latest trends. The dress that need us is the one that best fits our morpho. And if this isn’t the model in fashion that makes us beautiful (I think for example those with cutouts on shoulders inspiration 90′ you see everywhere at the moment and that is absolutely to be avoided if you have chubby arms), too bad!

Here is therefore a small recap morpho, to be sure (I hope in any case) to choose the right part.

Morphology In X

Well, ok, I’ll start with you because you are the easiest to dress up: nearly everything is you, depends on so many tastes and the opportunity.
Tip: Think of the waist, that you have marked, and voila!
Here is my kit of survival for girls in X:

Morphology In 8

Also damn well the girl in X, you to your active lethal weapon: curves to die for. The goal then: highlight them with elegance!
Tip: Obligation of the waist for a modern pin-up effect. Attention however to balance: If you wear a cut very close to the body, you will give up the plunging neckline.
For you, here is my kit is survival!

Morphology In A

More small upstairs than down, you need to balance your figure in drawing attention to your bust.
A big Yes so nice cleavage. Strapless dresses go you particularly well because they increasingly underline your head port.
Tip: Opt for flared cuts sprung to the size: it gommera any ‘horse panties’ while emphasizing your size of WaSP.

Here are my suggestions for A girl:

Morphology In V

Unlike the girls in A, you have enough large bust and the bottom of the thinner body. So, we need to focus on your fine GAMS :-).
Choose models more loose in high and tight at the bottom: thus the attention will be focused on your strengths
Tip: Try mini-skirts, necklines in V and the long necklaces to elongate your upper body: guaranteed WOW effect!

Morphology In O

Pretty curves characterize you, highlight them!
Choose a dress shirt for the day, still more flattering if you add it to a nice belt at the waist. If your size you have (it should still exceed 1.65 m), opt for a long dress that lengthen your silhouette.
Tip: Highlight a rigorously thin belt size: larger models would that thicken the silhouette

Morphology In I

Everyone envy you your stick figure, but you don’t dream that ‘ one thing: having more forms!
Don’t panic, even in black, you can rebalance your silhouette by adding volume through ruffles and pleated skirts.
The top in lace or guipure (trend at the moment) and the ‘Corolla’ skirts will also highlight by bringing the volume to.
Tip from payhelpcenter: Choose a sexy dress ‘tutu’ that will balance your figure while emphasizing your dancer elegance

Morphology In H

Very often tall, the girl in H has no marked size and we should therefore avoid all cuts that emphasize this part of the body.
Prefer the straight, if possible with the party dresses ‘skirt’ that starts on the hips.
Tip: If you do not too generous chest, choose a hyper plunging v neckline, it’ll look great!