How to Choose Short Dress

In the world of short dresses, the shapes and patterns are the law. Hard to navigate between the dresses Slinky, the skaters dresses, polka-dot dresses, dresses with Ruffles… To see more clearly, here is a small morphological guide that should guide your choice.

Short Dresses For The Silhouettes In A

Here, we’ll try to reverse the proportions by an optical effect. We therefore draws attention to the top by opting for a short dress with American armhole or small shoulder pads. We avoid as long as possible the ball down forms with a top casting, which will accentuate your lines.

Short Dresses For The Silhouettes In H

You tricks that will recreate curves. A nice neckline of heart on a strapless dress, draping, the pleats, folds… and belts, waistbands, belts!

Short Dresses For The Silhouettes In V

To rebalance the lines, you can opt holidaysort for a dress casual short to form a little sport, way tank loose in the shorts, all soft cotton. We love patterns that are tightening at the waist by means of a cord. It matches with Sandals for a casual look that is assumed. Feel free to leave your legs and opt for rather short models! Other devices may be useful: like wheels, ball shapes and petticoats to bring the volume down.


Short Dresses For The Silhouettes In O

You fluid contents! Tunic dress, cover,… blouse chosen models above the knee do not pack the silhouette and is associated with small heels or leather boots. Under the chest high empire waist dresses also do wonders to highlight a rather small chest. Finally, it is not about hide you. If you have forms and you assume them, get the look pinup of a dress to the knee way years 50, with skirt and American armholes that turns. Guaranteed effect!

Short Dresses For The Silhouettes In X

Try to accentuate your silhouette with marked sizes, necklines in V, trapeze dresses, or dresses skater… Enjoy, everything is permissible or almost!