How to Choose the Right Bra

You find your fizzled breasts or, on the contrary, a little too full? Regardless of the size or the shape of your breasts, it is always possible to value, or at least be sure to keep it to avoid the effect “falling.” Princess Tam Tam direction to find the model of BRA adapted to your morphology.

What bra for small breasts?

If you love your small breasts, nothing like the BRA triangle ultra-light without frames or foam, lace or transparent veil for a rendered 100% sexy. Our faves: models beautiful (€40) and jewel (€45).

If you want to cheat a little by increasing the volume of your breast, go without hesitation to the push up underwear female (€40). This type of sports bra tightens breasts against the other and them back up. Also, it has a generous padding, that creates the illusion.

Finally, always suited to Petite breasts, the basket shape. It ensures a perfect hold and repeats the breasts without exaggeration.Model Baby (€45), for example, offers a revealing dream, and especially natural.

What bra for a rather generous bust?

The bigwigs are particularly in need of good support. That is why, it is better to focus on models of bra with Underwire. From there, you can just about everything you can. The triangle has the advantage of tightly wrap your chest without compress. Get inspired by the models Success (€45) and Amy (€45).

The BRA basket will be suckered your chest without vulgarity, in contrast to the push-up, which remains to avoid.