How to Choose the Right Fitting Bra

Not easy to choose a bra. To help us find the model that suits us, Stephanie Macpherson, consultant at Lyla Collection explains the basic rules.

Bra: How to choose the right size?

No need to get out the tape measure to find out if a bra is us.Better to trust the advice of a specialist fit. She will take the steps properly and, above all, will target the ideal model with the peculiarities of our chest. You should also know that sizes vary from brand to brand. We must try as much as possible and sometimes models in different sizes.

One must also consider the weight gain or loss, pregnancy and lactation. All factors that contribute to transform our bodies and incidentally our chest. Over time, our bras will suit us more. It is therefore important to take a turn radius underwear at least once a year.

Bra: With or without reinforcement?

This is a personal choice for every woman, but Theinternetfaqs advised to opt for a bra with underwire. In addition to back and better support the bust, shapely frame creates a more natural look. Women who have a small bust and those who underwent chest surgery (augmentation, reduction, mastectomy) prefer the comfort of a bra without underwire.

Bra: Choosing the right materials

Microfiber, lace, cotton? It is no secret: we choose the material of our bra depending on clothing for which it is intended.Today, new materials and advanced technologies used to design bras lace that remain comfortable while providing outstanding support. Cotton is the only fabric not favor because the support and elasticity of this material are not ideal to maintain the bust.

Bra: Essential to the wardrobe

A smooth bra without texture and makes no demarcation is the base model that should be included in our drawer. We can wear it with different types of clothing. And to coordinate with the different parts and colors of our wardrobe is procured in two colors: black and white. Moreover, it is important to invest in a basic bra that will be useful and last long.

life of a bra

A bra has an average life span of a year, but its longevity varies with the amount of models we have in our drawer: the more you have, the less often the door, and the longer they will stay beautiful. One must also consider how we maintain our bra. Ideally, wash it by hand with mild soap, if washed by machine on the gentle cycle, but only if it is placed in a laundry bag designed for this purpose. We do it to dry in the open, flat or suspended. Above all, it prevents the dryer, which destroys delicate fibers and alters elasticity. Finally, if our bra looks shabby, it seems to have lost its elasticity or the straps or chest bands are loose is that it is time to change it!