How to Clean Button Necklace


In this guide I explain how to clean in the correct manner and using suitable products a button necklace, made with passion by creating original souvenir or simply unique gifts merivegliosamente. Obviously, the various operations will be differentiated between them depending on the type of material of which are made on buttons. The first crucial task will be to figure out what kind of buttons was made the necklace. Proceeding is not really difficult, just a little patience and precision to achieve amazing results. Here is step by step how to do it.

If the necklace is made of plastic buttons, or similar material, cleaning is very easy. If it’s not particularly worn, splashes on each button a little spray for glasses, making sure it does not contain bleach, then rubs each element with a soft cloth, preferably linen, in order not to remain unsightly marks. Leaves then dry the necklace in the open air, so that even the wires which are connected on buttons may lose moisture left on actuation. You can repeat this as many times as you need. If the necklace is very dirty, immergila in a basin full of water and liquid soap, removing dirt with a brush, then dry as before. In the alternative if the necklace they create stains, and halos that don’t go away and you find unsightly, or just don’t like them, I recommend you dye the whole necklace, thus creating a new jewel to wear; Here are some sites to check out alternatively to avoid further disasters.

Clean Button Necklace

If the necklace is made with different metal buttons, the greatest risk is that it rusts. Avoid to wet it with water. Get your laundry and put on the brush bristles of cleansing milk that usually use facials, then proceed to rub with this necklace. Let sit for a few minutes, then wipe off any residue using a dry tissue. Make sure each button is free of product. In this case clean the gem more than once every two months because it can ruin, rather limited simply to sprinkle it occasionally.

And finally, I can say that there are also some beautiful necklaces made with buttons of pearl or mother of Pearl, beautiful as delicate. In the case of a necklace like this, take a napkin light and imbevilo with olive oil. Rubs with patience each button: the oil due to its fat will remove any dirt, and will donate to pearls an extraordinary shine, preserving them well over time.