How To Customize His t-Shirt?

A t-shirt is good, it’s beautiful, it’s convenient. Wear with everything, because it goes with everything. But rather than collecting too basic tops that look alike, if they brought a personal touch? In two three DIY or with the help of a few brands, we promise that you will customize your t-shirt!
To create your t-shirt custom, internet is your best ally. YouTube is full of videos tutorials and tips Do It Yourself to make your tee using your hands.

And if you don’t really have the creative soul, a lot of brands and designers offer their online service.

You just dip into our list of ideas!

T-shirt custom: the brands that offer customization

You have an idea of t-shirt in mind but you don’t know how to create it? Simply turn to a few brands that offer customization.

You are an addict of Instagram and want to display your last #nofilter on your t-shirt?

Different websites offer to print your photo on a high white, black, gray, etc. In short, you can customize it from A to Z.

Take a look at the Instashirt site, or download the ThatShirt app. You have to choose the right filter!

You can also choose to add a small accessory on your t-shirt for style. A brooch, a bar, a Ribbon tied on the collar or sleeves…

The most? You can change style as often as you want! The French brand Of small ups offers pretty brooches and pins to customize your most basic t-shirt.