How To Dress For a First Date?

For a first date, you necessarily want to make a good impression. And above all, to seduce! The problem is that you are running out of inspiration and that you don’t know what address. We give you our advice for how to dress on a date!

Finally. After days or weeks of expectations, you’ve got a date with the guy of your dreams. You have a few hours to seduce this handsome with clear eyes.

To put all the chances on your side, you want to get out the outfit that will necessarily crack. And we understand you!

The problem? You may return your wardrobe and try all possible mode equations, you are unable to find the perfect look for your first date.

Do you want to be stylish, sexy but not too much, but still natural. In short, a big headache in sight!

More important, for a first date, it is to feel comfortable.

Exit 12 cm stiletto heels if you’re a high regular of the Stan Smith.

You must first of all be yourself. Trust us, it’s like you’re the best!

How to dress for a date: the strong parts

To find your perfect outfit, you can choose according to several criteria: the place of rendezvous, program, or simply your desires.

Obviously, you’re not necessarily going to wear the same thing for a ride bike for a dinner at the restaurant!

In all cases, opt for basic vouchers, in which you feel well and bet everything on the strong parts trends . Of course, the ideal is to highlight.

In the end, you can (almost) all wear. A skirt, shorts, a dress, a pair of jeans, a suit etc. The whole thing is a well balance the look between seduction, sensuality and natural.

The little black dress, for example, will always be a small effect. Very simple, it is perfect as the day than at night. With the right fashion accessories, definitely the look of a first date. Simply choose its shape and its length depending on your body.

If you prefer jeans, choose black or gray for a more elegant appearance. Fall for a pretty print jacket or a perfecto for the stylish side. Below, you can both wear a white t-shirt as a small top lace.

We grant you, it’s a bold choice. Does not suit is the ideal set for a date. Nice pants, a fitted jacket or loose and voila!

Just don’t forget to wear a top a little sexy to break the side too working girl. For color, you can try everything: black, Navy Blue, pastel and as many as reasons uni!

How to dress for a date: Accessories

Whatever the occasion, the fashion accessories are perfect for styling an outfit very simple. It’s even the opportunity to accumulate good points!

If you have a style sportswear, feel free to put it in front with a pair of sneakers trends .

On the contrary, if you are rather feminine, opt for a nice pair of boots or shoes.

Derbies or moccasins are also a good compromise if you prefer to be flat.

For jewelry, treat yourself, especially if you have a classic look. Loops earrings, necklaces, long necklaces, bracelet or headlines and thin rings or large, you can all afford to bring a touch of originality to your #ootd.

Question bag in hand, avoid only the bags too big for too much bother. Otherwise, you are free to choose between a backpack, a clutch, one clutch, a satchel, a bucket bag and even a pretty shopping bag!

For the rest, feel free to play on the little details. If you wear a dress a little loose, you can accessorize it a stylish belt for your waist.

You can also wear a Hat trend. Avoid too extravagant models only!

Now, you sure do succumb!