How to Find the Perfect Cocktail Dress

Looking for a dress for a cocktail party? Check out all our plans and our fashion tips to find one that you will value, and will make you beautiful.

What is a cocktail dress?

Attention firstly don’t confuse evening dress and cocktail dress. This is a dress that you can wear during the day and that is not necessarily long. So it must be chic and class, but not too much. The difficulty, therefore find the right balance. The trick and more: This dress can be worn overnight with a pair of boots or boots. In the evening, before go you to your cocktail, get out the pair of shoes, and voila.

To each his cocktail dress morphology

The secret to choose a summer cocktail dress that suits you perfectly? Take into account There is no value in the same way the shapes of all women! If you are rather square, without particular forms, opt for a dress that will highlight your cleavage. You can also, without problems, focus on the puffy dresses or flouncy, in order to bring a bit of roundness to your silhouette. You have a generous bust and a slim waist? To you the tight dress and the v-neck that sublimate your shapes. Finally, you are rather thin and small? Dare the dress back naked, wise on the front and more naughty in the back. The day, it will be enough to put on a jacket over to wear your backless discreetly.