How to Identify Fake and Original Watches!

There is a huge amount of counterfeit watches on the market and a lot of people think that they are taking excellent branded items home, when in fact they are being deceived by scammers and organizations that ban this illegal trade. It is increasingly difficult to identify copies of famous watchmaking models because counterfeiters are more efficient at imitation, arranging the pieces in colors much like the original timepieces, and even placing certificates of authenticity and serial numbers in the boxes of these objects.

How to Identify Fake and Original Watches

So what could you do to distinguish if the watch you are about to buy is in fact original or counterfeit? Check out our tips!

Check the clock value

One of the most obvious things to know if the watch is counterfeit is the amount charged by the object. If the price is well below the market value, it is a sign that the piece has a great chance of not being original. Nobody wants to lose money by selling a fine watch, does not it?

Review the markings on the box and watch

In fact, watch counterfeiters are increasingly keen to place logos and signs of models almost identical to those that the brand applies to the original devices. However, there are even less precise counterfeits, which you can identify more easily and accurately. To do so, you should search on the website of the brand as is the model you want and compare all the details. Also note that screen printing and other techniques tend to peel on fake watches, and if the model in question has already been heavily handled or is on display for some time on the spot, possibly it will have wear records on company trademarks and logos . The font, colors, and letter spacing should be the same as the intended label.

See format, colors and watch material

Comparing the watch that is on hand or being viewed in a shopping portal with that original watch on display on the brand website also allows you to recognize its authenticity by the details of the model. Analyze calmly how the shapes and shades, the material of the bracelet, the protrusions, curves and hands are. Another important point is to know if the watch is part of a line currently produced by the brand, since several counterfeit models are replicas or based on models that are out of line.

Check if the part comes with warranty and serial number

The illegal market has already addressed the fact of offering details such as serial number and certificate of falsified authenticity for potential consumers; however, not all the pieces that are on sale in the trade of fake watches present this attention. In this case, it is very easy to recognize that it is not original. Even if these documents and records are displayed, make sure the writings are erased, deleted, or damaged.

Consider the reputation of the store or seller

When purchasing items from a reputable establishment that displays well-accepted and commented services by the old customers, you can be sure that you are purchasing genuine factory parts and will follow a genuine certificate of authenticity. Always before closing the deal, find out more about the company you are dealing with, see if it is well recommended in the market. Remember, in addition to the warranty given by the watch manufacturer, a consumer relationship, such as this is protected by consumer law, so that a shop or seller more easily identifiable, with CNPJ, address and other means of contact, may be promptly contacted in case of problems with the purchase.

When it comes to buying a watch, pay close attention to whether it is original or not. See all the details of the object if it has the mark written correctly and comes in good material box besides the Electronic Invoice. Acquiring a watch that is legitimate from a certain company recognized in the market does not only mean that you are buying a piece of great quality, but still obtain the guarantee of the product, so that you can count on specialized technical assistance in case of any eventuality operating or manufacturing imperfection.