How To Look Thinner With The Right Clothes?

That were plumpness or not, it is always fun to find the clothes that go us to perfection. And, necessarily, that highlight us. Some outfits have even the power to lengthen our silhouette and make you appear thinner without the help of any scheme. We explain you everything.

To look slimmer, just well choose his clothes. The idea is not to pack the silhouette, but instead of her swing all by erasing small curves.

Alexia and Marilyn, personal shopper and stylists, deliver us all their good advice to adapt our trends looks to our silhouette.

Look slimmer: adopt the dark colors

To refine its shape, play the card of tone on tone. Dark colors are ideal to conceal small flaws. If you are not followers of the total black look, opt for shades of Navy Blue, gray, of bordeaux. Just avoid too gaudy, or white, which tends to get fat.

Another mistake: do not cut the silhouette with two different colors. Alexia and Marilyn also advise to the darker color on the lower body.

In winter, the opaque tights and slightly matte are perfect to elongate the look. Choose them in the same shades as your shoes, your shorts, your skirt or dress trend and you’re some refine your legs!

One adapts its clothing to be refined

To understand how to dress to look thinner, reconsider its allure. Out of question to appear too tight in his clothes. The ideal is to cut neither too wide nor too narrow. Choose mode parts structured and well adjusted to your size.

“He must stop wearing too loose clothing to hide what we like least. This bad technique made that add some extra pounds that you do not necessarily have,”say the two stylists.

For the little tops, opt for the v necklines that extend and refine. We confess that we have fallen for their small sexy side…

For trends jeans, bootcut jeans will be your best ally to sublimate your pretty legs. Associated with a pair of boots with heels small low, it will be perfect.

Look slimmer: prints and materials to adopt

Among the fashion tips to look slimmer, he must also learn to play with patterns and materials. Choose matte and fine fabrics. Forget too bright or too flashy, materials like velvet or satin, that highlight the defects.

Side printed, ‘prefer small close patterns that visually reduce the volumes’ explain Alexia and Marilyn. They also advise to avoid horizontal stripes but also vertical which tend to accentuate the curves.

We play with accessories

Accessories trend, nothing better for styling an outfit, but also to refine! Flashy jewelry, such as breastplates necklaces, big earrings or large headlines are perfect if you want to divert the attention of a few curves.

For necklaces, fall rather for mid-length models, lengthening the torso. In addition, it is ideal to enhance your face.

Same for the bags, to play with the volumes, opt for a large bag. Shopping bag, bucket bag, schoolbag… Regardless of the model!