How to Sew a Corset

This plain-looking piece of lingerie, corset is actually able to completely change the appearance of women is a sensitive and, at the same time, vulnerable and tender.

Made of hands corset emphasize all his dignity and skillfully hides figure flaws. In it you will feel the perfect woman – regal and romantic.

How to Sew a Corset

Before you sew a corset with your hands, you must select the appropriate tissue and proper disposal sewing measurements:

  • Choose a dense fabric that does not shed kryvyvsya and do not create unnecessary folds.
  • Measure the volume of the chest, waist and hips. Then zamer height barrel – from the armpit to the waist and providing the desired length.

You will need:

  • Cloth;
  • Cord;
  • A piece of chalk;
  • Scissors;
  • Book template.

How to Sew a Corset


First, prepare model corset: 3 deductions chest, waist and hips). Thus, between the first and second group stands bokovynky distance.

  1. Do you need to get 4 of the template (as in Figure 1): a central, a first side, a second side and the second central.
  2. Take the first part of templates and build it into the fabric. Solution groove waist must be 1 cm.
  3. Then lift one cm center chest and sweep it right at 07 cm. Because of the resulting point spend vertical stripes, thus reducing the volume under the breast.
  4. The second line of the relief groove cleaning solution at the waist basic drawing two centimeters.
  5. When will build lines cut corset front side of the first will overlay detail on each other.
  6. The front of the armhole expansion of 1 cm, do the same on the bottom. Draw the cut line.
  7. Now start working back: it must be narrowed 15 cm armhole in the country, and then add in the bottom 1 cm.
  8. The resulting parts chalk circle and carefully cut with scissors. Prepared form a corset is to be obtained as in Figure 2.
  9. Smetay all details and examples in the figure, to make sure they are the right places. If necessary, make the necessary adjustments.
  10. If pre-fitting suit, expired seams on a typewriter. Then carefully corset.
  11. On the back of the corset will do a loop to insert lace. Then prosmykny flex in the loop – and you can try a corset.

Ready corset you can decorate with ribbons, beads, sequins, embroidery and other decorative elements to your liking.


  • You can sew a corset if you are short of underwear, for example, appears in the early evening if you’re planning to join the cross, and just want to get rid of “project.”
  • If shyyesh corset for the first time, better make preliminary “draft” with cheaper fabrics. This will prevent possible errors in the work.
  • If you want to sew a corset bones, try to select or spiral steel tubes – plastic pipe will shrink and bend. This ankle is better to buy two centimeters shorter than a corset seams, or they can break.
  • To use pre-seed must sew lining fabric with the same pattern as the corset.

Sew cast alone is difficult, but possible with passion and patience and careful compliance with all instructions for making it. However, it was the corset, sewed their own hands will be unique and perfect, it will work out all the features of your figure.