How to Style Maxi Black Dress

The black dress, more known under the name of “maxi black dress” is a wardrobe essential that you probably already have in your wardrobe. Yes, but how carry with style? Very chic but very common in turn can sometimes dissuade us to approach it.

How to Style Maxi Black Dress

Here are four tips to always wear the black dress by boosting your style.

1) Investing in a piece of creator

It’s a creative shop or in a brand of luxury that I advise you to pick up your little black dress. Yes, the black dress is of these parts in which you must invest. And this for several reasons.

First, note that instead of a strong piece like this legging in sequins or this pink jacket baby that you may have crack recently, the black dress only goes out of style. The goal, it is to be able to wear it in 10 years, and still love it. And for this, it must invest in the quality of the cut, but also in the quality of the material.

Note that black is not one color like the others. Do you see around you all those people who wear black cheap parts? The rendering of the material is not terrible: it is washes out, black pilling and change color to dirty deep blue or even a dubious dark gray tint. Then no! Opt for quality, the beautiful black, one a designer dress has nothing to do with the black of the brands.

(2) choose timeless

Because from season to season and whatever the methods, the black dress remains a reference, better he choose her basic shape. Don’t complicate not the pass, opt for a round neck or v-neck according to your figure. It will be easier to superimpose other parts and wear summer or winter. Leave out the more eccentric shapes as the asymmetry that are even more fun in beautiful colors. It is the same for the length. It is best to opt for a knee length or even 10 cm below. Let the length maxi and mini for other purchases.

Also remember that it must be female, choose it with a subtle detail: a nice bend, a slight pleating from the size or a dancer in the back neckline will make your basic black dress a dress that you never get tired of wearing.

(3) think jewelry

That’s my trick to get your black dress of mat to stylish. As I have said so often in my articles, try maximally to bring personal touches to your outfits with accessories and especially jewelry. What accessory could better define you? Hunted on an Eastern market, inherited from your grandmother or offered by a loved one, they are unique!

A breastplate will go great on a round neck, a gold cuff will also give a new meaning to your black dress. You can also opt for a pretty headband for the romantic side, accumulate thin and bigger rushes to your wrists.

Also bet on a pair of earrings graphics and lift your hair in a soft bun. Above all, mix styles and don’t wear range in order to put together an outfit that looks like you.

It not there no problem to accumulate thin and bigger rings on his fingers and mix rushes or long necklaces with different materials, pearls, Swarovski stones, resin… Dial with textures that you like and stay in the same tones of colors in order to obtain a successful mix.

(4) the light a touch of color

Have you ever noticed how the black tarnish your facial features? In wearing black, you can feel sound more harsh, and it is quite normal: black tends to accentuate the shadow areas of your face such as dark circles, wrinkles or the double chin.

That is why it is important to add a touch of color close to your face. Opt for:

-a printed scarf

-colored style bomber jacket

-a pair of embroidered earrings

-a big bib

Do not hesitate to add a splash of color to your outfit. Nothing worse than black sundresses worn with opaque black tights and black shoes. It is common and really not stylish. The best is to contrast, if you value your black tights, choose transparent black and wear heels blue Klein, emerald green or bright red for example. In the summer, go for nude sandals, lengthening the leg as if by magic.

Get out of the common black tights and think of shades more rare and so chic as Navy Blue, grey anthracite, bordeaux or still the FishNet flesh color that instead of flesh foam, or sail tights have a side modern while erasing your cellulite.

Don’t forget your most beautiful lipstick, fuchsia or orange shades, and shift your outfit by wearing a jacket that slice like a color blazer, a denim jacket, a perfecto sleeveless white or even a jacket kimono printed knee length. Your sunglasses favourite to finish the look, and you’re ready!

How do you like to wear the black dress? To you now to show imagination in order to the twister year after year by following your desires!