How to Use Especially without Frills!

You are the type that does not use a certain piece of clothing because they think that they should be used in combinations that are super prepared? It is best to rethink your concepts, you are probably wrong! It is true that there are some rules in menswear that are difficult to break and dress codes that must be respected, but dressing well is not so difficult as well. And since we are in the middle of winter let’s use the example of the heavy duty jackets that are so useful in this station, you will be that to create a look cool with them it is necessary something very elaborate?If you look to the looks the male that has been successful in recent winters, the answer is no!

How to Use Especially without Frills!

The basic look, composed by a jeans or trousers chino, a t-shirt or a mesh (can be up sweatshirt) overlapped by a coat type overcoat, accompanied by a shoe that is casual, simple, or even a tennis, it is the that has been seen repeatedly in the sites of street style in the world.

The colors also border on the minimalist, you do not need to worry about high using combinations and tones, complementary, triads and analogous colors if you don’t want to ride an amazing look abusing of white, grey, navy and black, if you want to add small dots of color in the combo through a scarf or details on the t-shirt or mesh.

Use your jacket with:

Below some looks to prove that the business really works and looks really “cool”!

Some more tips:

Fashion navy: shirts, knitwear and t-shirts striped also fall like a glove.


The simple visual gives you the freedom to try something out of the basicão, such as the pants color.


The color can also be for the account of own coat, keeping the rest very discreet and within the palette of colors suggested above.


Another good idea are the pants jogger with cutting more well-behaved, kind chino, they are very modern, but not have to face pajamas!



Even though I used “especially” in the title, these tips apply to any coat more heavy, and hot, this way you will not is bound to look super prepared and geared only for days with extremely low temperatures, you can create a combo box with t-shirt and jeans and go out on a day a little more cold a good!