How to Wash A Wool Sweater by Hand

My sweater is shrunk – I can still save him?

Once washed wrong and now the favorite sweater is a few centimeters shorter? There is a way how to try to pull him back into shape. For soak the garment for about half an hour in a caustic solution of lukewarm water and baby shampoo. This serves to loosen the fibers. Make sure that the entire sweater is covered with water. Then wring it out and roll it into a towel until it still moist, but not wet. Again unroll and allow to dry in the form. This method is suitable for sweaters of wool, cotton or cashmere.

Wool Sweater

What helps, if the sweater fluff?

Fluffy mohair and angora sweaters tend to leave lint. An old housewife tips can help: Unpack the garment still slightly damp in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for three days. After thawing, the fuzz effect should have significantly reduced.

How to remove nodules from a sweater?

Wear and washing often results in wool sweaters to annoying pilling – also called pilling. With a few tricks can remove the nodules – but caution is required so that the tissue is not damaged. It is helpful, for example, a special Fusselkamm. This comb gently over the sweater and solve the nodules from. There are also special lint on the market, with which one can cut off the dust bunnies.


How to wash a wool sweater?

In order for a wool sweater over a long time, you should wash it by hand and use a special wool detergent. The water should be at room temperature. Make sure that you do not rub or stretch the delicate garment, but only knead. After rinsing with clean water, press out the sweater and roll it into a towel, instead of wringing him. The towel will absorb much of the moisture. Put to dry the sweater on a towel and pull it into shape.


How should I store cashmere sweater?

Cashmere is very warm but also particularly sensitive. Therefore, you should keep garments made from this material still lying and not upside down. On a hanger, the noble sweater could be deformed.

Further information

Material: wool, cotton, silk, fleece, lace, knit, faux fur

Popular styles: turtleneck, V-neck, crew neck, polo collar, collar, waterfall, boat neck.