How to Wear a Body Chain

The body chain has made a breakthrough on Instagram last summer, primarily driven to the beach over a bikini. But this year, she appeared on the catwalk worn over white United simple rooms, including during the parade Calvin Klein. Finally, a body channel is nothing but a somewhat special necklace, so why not bring it to the office?

Choosing a Body Chain

No need to wait for summer wear body chain. To test the trend, no need to break the bank. I found my body chain H & M, and you will see them flourish in all other cheap jewelry shops in the coming weeks.

For that holding remains elegant, I advise you to choose the most filigree model possible, to be barely visible if we do not pay attention. The golden color is ideal and one that will suit you best when you recycle your body chain this summer on the beach. The gold will highlight your tan skin.

The key is not to choose too light model with coarse grounds, since this trend can quickly turn to the vulgar.

Body Chain + Attire: Manual

Based on Wholesaleably, the body chain itself is enough to give your look a particular side. To go to work, so bet on absolute standard for the rest of the outfit. White shirt, black pants. The shirt must be absolutely white or cream that contrasts with the body string is not huge.Your “body chain” should blend in holding that all remains subtle.

Finally, systematically planning a blazer if your colleagues look at you askance, or your boss is rather conservative, put on your blazer before going to meetings. The body chain will look like a classic paste, very discreet moreover if your shirt is chosen tonal.

For a soft version, you can wear the body line on the skin, in a slightly indented shirt.

Côte accessories, calm the game also. The only fancy that I authorized are laced ballerinas because their graphic structure recalls the triangular pattern formed by the body line on the chest.

Beware of chain reactions (body)

The body chain has a subtle sexiness, slightly provocative, even if you do not reveal a lot of skin. We must be aware andassume if you opt for this outfit to the office. Make sure you are able to wear this type of accessory without it affecting your picture and respect that we have you in the course of your duties.

Prepare also to meet your colleagues who do not understand the trend (eg a colleague asked me if it was of braces).

If you dare not in the office, it is still a good idea for a party, do not you think?