How to Wear Electric Blue Dress

Electric blue is a color that is full of vitality that we all have in our wardrobe. Electric blue dress is always a good option, but the fact is that, for a special color, sometimes we fear not knowing with what combine it.However, with a few recommendations and a set of standards, the electric blue no longer a danger. On Our site, we show you How to wear electric blue dress.

  1. Electric blue is a very bright color, so we must be careful with the things that we add when we combine an electric blue dress. What we have learned about How to wear electric blue top or How to wear electric blue pants will help us.

2. The first thing to think about, these are the shoes. Ideal to combine with an electric blue dress shoes is to bet on the neutrals such as the nude or black or vibrant tones, such as the Golden or silver.

3. The nude is a fantastic option to combine with an electric blue dress all add-ins. The handbag and shoes can be this color.

4. This also applies to the Black. Black shoes or black bag work very well with this kind of blue, the contrast gives a touch of elegance.

5. Electric blue is a color that is full of personality, so it is better to avoid to mix it with colours also very bright. You can choose tones with a strong presence, but only if limit you them to a specific and secondary element. For example, mustard or yellow keys may work.

6. But if you want to add-define your style, a leather jacket you will give a rock touch and mark the required.

7. Also leverage the pastel tones will soften the color of the dress and make the most romantic look.

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