How to Wear Long Dress for Petite

A fashion question? A dilemma of dressing?Thankfully, William has the solution.

Pauline: Hello William. Small question. When asked for a long dress for a wedding, did mean down mandatory? Because I’m a little thin blonde shoulder-length hair, and I’m afraid of being lost in a dress like that! Would advise me you can go while corresponding to the dress code? (type and length of the dress, accessories, shoes, bag…?). Thanks for your help. Big kisses.

Yes Pauline, when we say long dress, it’s up to the feet. On the other hand, you can play with materials to not feel lost in a great dress.

Unlike a large girl who can assume any sexy dress, what can save you, it’s the choice of the summer fashion store. It must be light and fluid for movement, or even with transparencies that will respect the dress code all by showing your thin legs. Advantage, you can print or flashy colors that would be too much on a large. Logically, you choose heels, higher, better it is (no need to explain why ;)).

And for accessories, make them simple and discreet to not to weigh down your figure. For the bag, a pouch or a clutch, very trendy.

Little thing, do not hesitate to get a hairstyle with the height to win a few centimeters (high ponytail, twist up, etc…).


Photo: Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez.

Eva: Hello William. I am 26 years old and I’m going to attend the wedding of friends in the month of August. I found my pair of studded Pink Shoes, but I have no idea for my outfit! I’m large (1.74 cm) for 74 kg (with good hips) and a chest that goes with the rest. What do you recommend me like color and style? As well as the accessories? Thank you.

Eva, because your shoes are already impressive, very fashion, don’t overdo it for the rest of your outfit, don’t forget it’s a marriage and not a trendy evening. Choose a dress of a feminine, classic, or even romantic cut to offset the rock effect of your shoes. Of course, choose a cut that puts your beautiful chest. I’m thinking a long and light shape for your silhouette.

For color, a cameo of rose would be ideal for a fashion look (attention, no matter the rose you choose but should not be more flashy than your shoes). If you can’t, the nude will always save you. Accessories must remain simple and graphic of the same metal as the nails of your shoes.