How to Wear Pajamas During the Day

Grandpa Pajama Rotschild landed in the street, what this trend, what are its networks? You will learn and you will have same right to bonus tips!

How to Wear Pajamas During the Day

Right now, many of you are on vacation and take the opportunity to hang out in my Pajamas all day-I know, I’ve hacked your webcam thanks to my new talent of hacker (sadistic laughter).

The time does not help, I grant you. But rejoice, you won’t need to go to Lidl in the area since the latest trend is to the dayjama from your pilou-pilou, understand Pajama day. Well Yes, fashion’s back, play you a trick (© Jessie and James. And Meowth).

The Pajamas from the podiums

Well, we’re talking about pilou-pilou for messing around but this isn’t really it. If you expect your puffy pants Bob the sponge, it’s grated. In fact, for the inspiration it will rather go look at your Grandpa’s Closet: shirt and pants loose and fluid, that’s what you have in mind.

From left to right: Pucci A/W 2012-2013-Jonathan Saunders P/E 2012-Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012-Stella McCartney P/E 2012

But he will still have to well choose it, otherwise the effect “jump out of bed” is not far. So first Board, scratches, it’s too first degree and it is dicey:

Subtlety, is getting to make another doubt: ‘ it of Pajamas or not? Why prefer more feminine and less connoted prints first “dodo” like peas and the Paisley. If print is not your thing, you have a choice between black, Navy Blue and ecru. Finally, the must is still Pajamas satin or silky, more chic and elegant sheen.

Worry, the guys there are not immune either. Last year, at the Cannes Film Festival, the holding of Ryan Gosling-who can add forerunner of trends to its CRAsuper heroes andgood man to marry-had done much to talk about her.

Dayjama fashion is not new, far from it. Gabrielle Coco Chanel had made his signature and his symbol of rebellion against the corsets that imprisoned the body of the woman at the time. She wore it to the beach at night, like a very refined outfit.

And that’s what try to retrieve fashion designers today by re-appropriating the Pajamas, some protest idea (because actually wear pyjamas in the street isn’t always trivial) and a mixture of coolness, androgyny and elegance.

How to wear his Pajamas by day as by night?

If you like adventure pyjamiesque, here are some tips for not immediately returning under your duvet.

  • In broad daylight

Day, already, better to avoid the bling-bling and all that glitters. The satin is cool, ok, but if you can book it for the evening, it’s preferable. Here Alexa Chung is doing well because she has mixed his pants Pajamas with a cardigan in wool, a less “luxurious” material loose, coarser Let’s say, just delay the more ‘rich’ aspect of the pants. A good rule to apply on pretty much anything to defuse a look too serious or too primed.

Pajamas in cotton work also from the moment they are well cut, well adjusted and they have a printed fun, as the maternity pyjamas of Marni to Bestaah. Obviously, she wears in the evening so it also works very well but it’s perfect day, with a little less accessories, a bag instead of the cover and the loafers for example.

In fact, very good tip: If you don’t like the lack of structure of the silhouette that can give the Pajamas, belt it at the waist with a thin belt of a more strong than the fabric color. Fine also much better aus girls small and round.

Finally, during the day, it is also more difficult to wear full gear: shirt + pants. So, you can opt for the ‘separate doors’, the only pants or shirt only. The print pants being the simplest to accessorize then (all tips on this are there). And in summer, the short version will also be easier to wear, especially to highlight girls who have shapes: don’t be afraid to discover your legs!

  • In the evening

To get out there, you can play marquise of Pompadour. Satin materials are widely favored. You can match them to a pair of fine shoes but still avoids them offset or towering platforms. If you want to stay in an outfit a little more cool and down to Earth, opt for the flat loafers or Brogues (to accentuate the androgynous side), with a blazer or a perfecto in the same colors as your Pajamas on top.

Pajama Party is the new tuxedo, like wearing Elisa Sednaoui. It is perfectly adjusted and his Navy blue color associated with the blazer gives even a touch rock and male.

Sofia Coppola is a more modern version of the pyjamas: the shirt is replaced with a sweatshirt. He was also seen on Rihanna version Stella McCartney, but the record is far less convincing. Here the sweat works because he turned just as a piece of the evening with a ring and satin print.

Side US, according to Teen Vogue and the Wall Street Journal-probably exalted by its multiplication on the red carpet-the pyjamas would even the coolest outfit this year to go to the end of year prom. Not sure on the other hand American teens barter their dress meringue so easily.