How to Wear Plaid Skirts

There are several good memories in fashion when it comes to plaid skirt, no? We have the beautiful 90s models coming out every day of dressing up as an alternative school uniform. There is also the culture of male Scottish plaid skirt a few years ago, which has become an alternative in the closet for Western male, among other comings and goings of the piece. If there’s an investment to do and never be without use in the fashion world, surely we are talking about chess skirts. You can buy without fear!

Wear Plaid Skirts


The simplest rule of fashion is: a picture in one of the pieces, the other must be neutral forever. I.e.: plaid skirt suits blouse with only one color, two at the most and will never err on the visual. If your skirt has two colors, choose one of these in chess at the top and make no ​​look errors, no problems and a combination considered perfect for fashion. A black blouse with plaid skirt black with white is a classic tip for the day to day or night without problems.

In punk style fashion or rocker fashion a plaid skirt fits perfectly (, so that it is the most used part in pubs Londoners. You can go with your favorite band shirt and half honey trawler, here only used when it comes to carnival but super cool in psychedelic fashion. Or maybe a half black with a different tank top. Colored half is a very cool alternative fashion, a penalty is rarely used in Brazil, but it creates different looks and fashions for an alternative ballad, for example.

In winter fashion piece can come out of the closet, too, but with a few little tricks. One is the overlap with coats, a simple way to combine part. And chess is a pattern. Choose neutral coats of one color, such as leather, or black and white, among other ways to combine.

The plaid skirt is more free when it comes to accessories, may go well with tennis depending on the stripped visual, or basic sneakers for a formal look. High heels combine with everything and boots with the skirts with plaid pattern are shown in the ball, and the style rock and roll! The secret is to always use and abuse combinations in front of the mirror. If you enjoy, why not go ahead and combine more?


There is always a certain risk of error in the visual when the model is not the traditional pencil skirt. But there plaid skirt is for everyone, including pencil skirt to use and abuse on a daily basis. Choose a nice model exact for the body and medium length and can combine with social blouse, shirt or your cropped top with a jacket or coat for a basic work look.

For the most timid is the short skirt, casual and elegant with short length to use on a daily basis. There are exact models in great side to leave the thicker waist who has the weightlessness problem. There are even more justinhas to whom goes well with the balance and is not afraid to show good physical shape. And for day to day yet, why not frilly? Draped trumpet among other legal proposals combine with tight blouses, tank tops or not. The golden rule is: if a part on the bottom part is too tight, the top must be necessarily looser to balance the look.

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