How to Wear Skirts in Winter?

Hello girls! Generally, the skirts with side slits are the major highlights of parades and events in this winter. It can also be worn on cold days in a sexy and stylish way. Here are some tips about how to wear this kind of skirts, and these ways are almost used by celebrities!

How to Wear Skirts in Winter

The skirts with slits gives more lightness and femininity to the look of winter. There are various styles and ways of use. Here are some options from bestaah:

  1. Match long skirt with side slit with cropped blouse. The black skirt and cropped white blouse is always classic, which is suitable for a gala or daily life. Just choose proper accessories and shoes according to different occasions, for example, a high jump shoes.
  2. The slits can be in vertical or transverse. Opt for slits more discreetly if you don’t have long legs.
  3. Midi skirts with slits are also a big bet. If you pick them more discreetly, it can even be wore at work with shirts.
  4. The pencil skirt is also a good option for several moments. On colder days, wear it with tights or leggings.
  5. Choose a blouse with a simple color when wearing a skirt with slit. Do not to use too many colors at the same time or it will load other’s eyes and be vulgar.
  6. The long skirts with a straighter lengthen the silhouette. And that’s great and versatile.
  7. Deep dresses are chiquérrimos, especially when combining it with a high heel, which gives the impression that women have longer legs. You can wear it at night or on special occasions.
  8. Choose the model according to the occasion and try on it before you make decision, so you can see if slit will be indiscreet or not.

Do you like the trend? Choose the appropriate model and invest it, because this piece will be fashion in the whole summer!