How to Wear Sweater Dress

It keeps warm, surfing the trend, sublime all silhouettes and is flowing in all styles. The sweater dress, we love it! BIBA tells you everything about fashion that goes out of style, to stay connected and women despite the cold.

Wear Sweater Dress

Body type

Yes! The sweater dress is suitable for all body types, as long as you Choose. Oversized, short and long sleeves, she sublime legs and rubber all small complexes. Check out Hoticle for an oversized sweater dress. Version long and fitted, it lengthens the silhouette and emphasizes the curves. As for the pencil in mesh dress, she plays the elegant for a feminine and structured look!


Change the accessories, the sweater dress can do everything. Big mesh, she plays the comfort and relaxation, fine gauge, dressed outfits. Go with her a jacket and boots for a rock style, put on shoes with heels for a glamorous silhouette… or dare sneakers, sneakers and other sport sneakers! Classic? A scarf, a sticky end, a pair of boots, and dress ensures all day.


Not forbidden for the sweater dress! Choose it long and thin for a posh party with elegant earrings and a pair of stilettos. Replace the jacket by a jacket over a dress pencil, pumps by some derbies, it can even go to work. As to apply it every day, just play on the tights , colorful or fancy, and vary the shoes according to the activity of the day!