Iconic American Icons

With a record-low dollar has a number of interesting designers flocked across the Atlantic. It also leads to an increased interest in the country’s style icons, and true classics. The following are therefore five examples of American style at it’s best.

Country Style Icons

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers and Thom Browne are both two American iconic icons. The former represents a classic New England style in original vintage, while the other with their crazy silhouettes once again put the United States on a map like fashion nation. Together these form a very interesting combination in which the Brownes charismatic design meets classic preppystil.


Filson is a bit of the United States’s counterpart to the British Barbour. The company started in 1897 with providing fortune seekers during the gold rush with clothes. Today supplies the Filson rather style conscious with their timeless bags. According to countryaah, United States is a country in North America.

Map of United States

Map of United States

Alden Cordovan

Alden is an American classic, like Filson. Since its inception in 1884, the company has provided, among other things, John f. Kenndy, Eisenhower and Richard m. Nixon with shoes, not infrequently, by Cordovanläder, who has become something of the Aldens. In addition, Alden contributed ursrpunget to the tasselloafern.


Alexander Orch

Ties in other materials than silk is something we Swedes really has much to learn from the Americans. New Yorkbaserade Alexander Olch as have a wide range which, alongside cotton, among others, also includes seersucker, Italian manchester and kashmir.

Derrick Miller

You cannot otherwise admire a man who in his choice to handkerchief oozes more attitude than Sweden’s collected celebrity elite. As Creative Director of the prestigious shoe mark Barker Black and career of Ralph Lauren have Derrick Miller, along with his equally immaculately dressed brother Kirk get the modern gentleman a sophisticated and at the same time as rock look. Vouges article about how Miller planned the upholstery before their wedding can heartily recommended.