In Love with: Pink Hair

Already for the second time am I simply out at the sight of pink hair and away! Any magic is in the images of the editorials, which enchants me completely. First it was Vogler for the winter issue of my favorite material today is girl, Courtney of the wonderful Charlotte Free, which delights me as well in the June issue of French Jalouse magazine. It is the entire fairytale-like styling, it is the fee-same attitude of the young lady or’s are but their delicate, pink curls that simply blow me away?

But what is it? I’m not a particular fan of pink, pink hair never see on the street and had me but just closed the gradient in the heart, da Rosa comes again around the corner…

understanding short for men, I’m talking about pink and not by Pink, because I read thanks to Wikipedia today, that there is indeed a difference between the two tones : “Rosa is paler than the bluish shrill, so more powerful color, pink”. Thank you Wikipedia, I believe you!

Back to the hair color: I can still remember when my sister came back from their experimental hairdresser and had actually pink hair! I thought it was terrible.

Functioning of the pink hair so only in fairy tales-same editorials, in the form of gentle waves or curls in the midst of a mystical forest? Or must we become accustomed perchance on this unnatural phenomenon, because it seems too harsh compared with gradients and reminds us too much of Barbie and the Broads image?

I certainly love the editorial in the Jalouse and wished for a girl who just like Charlotte Free, times would pass me in the street. I’d they hold for you and prove that it can work well in everyday – at least with the right styling.

What do you think – no-go and only for editorials or simply times brave?