Interview: Tips By ERES Lingerie

This season, ERES released a collection could not be more chic Christmas: silk, warm and winter colors and spirit cocooning are at the rendezvous.

You will find nightdresses, night dresses, tank tops and of course lingerie sets.
As we enjoyed this line, we were curious to learn more and ask a few questions to Valérie Delafosse, artistic director.

The models in this collection are made with the lace Leavers, can you tell us more about this technique?

Leavers lace is world famous for its finesse, and the variety of its patterns. Its realization requires precision and attention, and at each stage of the manufacturing comes a know-how of excellence where the hand of man keeps a very big place. It is a true product of exception.

Lingerie, it is both a work of design ofarchitecture of the body. How do you find the cut and him who go to all the women, the more buxom to the filiform?

We do a real job of sewing on the body with the modelers over fittings. All women in society are asked to try the prototype. This allows us to make the necessary adjustments. The goal is to find the perfect cut for all body types. We are extremely mindful of that, because this is a real strength of the House eras.

When you design a set, what are the most important points for you?

What tips do you give the readers to choose her lingerie?

We must listen and trust his saleswoman. Vendors eras have real expertise, they know what may or may not be right for you as well in terms of size depending on your body. We must also adjust the straps of her bra and always try her lingerie with a tight T-shirt to make sure that it does not cut the chest or back. Ideally, it is best to be accompanied by a friend who will take another look.

How would you describe the woman eras in a few words?

The ERES woman has the personality and modern elegance . She’s a woman asserted and assumed.