Intuit or Not Guess? That Is The Question

When a signature fashion, there is no who stop the low-cost. And when that gets fashion is a garment in question, then there are dozens and tens the possibilities What do we have. It is what we are experiencing right now with fever Alexander Wang: its full of transparencies Sweatshirt is fashionable, and many brands low cost which apply this tendency in many articles (not just sweatshirts). Shorts, shirts, blouses and shirts. All are presented with a transparent laminate He left Intuit… Or not.

And is that according to which models we choose the guess is at least, more than anything because we just teaching you much. But you know, for tastes the colors, and there are many the proposals every day you get to store. ¿You decantarás you for any model?

  • Dress grid of Guess, 90 euros.
  • Blouse short sleeve and organza from Zara, 29,95 EUR.
  • Shirt with combined tissues of Bershka, 19.99 EUR.
  • Sweatshirt with warning of Alexander Wang, 1,000 euros.
  • Cropped black top of Topshop, 59 euros.