It Ended Up Asking Where Is This Dress: Fashion Shazam Is Here

I’m a bit embarrassing, so when I see a girl with a cute dress I can’t think stop her on the street to ask where is your dress. And that’s Style eyes, a application for smartphones making the same as Shazam, but with clothes, i.e. identify and find you what you are looking for. We explain how it works:

You choose the category of the item that you are looking for, you take a picture (must be well focused and illuminated) and the application search you ente the thousands of possibilities that until finds it the garment in question or similar alternatives. Of course, it offers the possibility of buying the clothes. I have tested it and at the moment, only it allows you to search among important English and American brands, but it is not Zara or Mango, for example.

It was rumored that the Shazam for clothes was about to plunge and finally is here. I’ve also tried Similify, that is very similar but only for shoes. Now only we have to take pictures to get the clothes that we please! Although the application that I would really like to would be one that got unlimited my credit card balance.