Jagermeister Tavern Tour with Skrillex and 1 × 2 Tickets!

Out grey and cold sucks. Our love mood has already hoisted the white flag and has no desire to propagate hypocritical joy long – is slain them buried somewhere in the basement and hopes on their gold Brown Savior. And also this time comes with two other high component in the luggage – what glorious trio finally United would be: liquid luck, good music and even better people. All at once, as the whole night. Children, beware: the Jagermeister Tavern tour is you and us!

With a bit of luck goes

It’s on August 25, with us, to Hamburg. The wet-happy feast in the quirky cute Club pub „ Horner Rennbahn “ will be also of all sorts of exquisite guests such as Sara by Dragstrip girl, the girls and boys of i-ref, Marcel by Amy & pink, iamnosuperman, thang electru or Thomas of Aufgemischt happy and also music technically all characters on escalation: since the Toxic Avenger would be aka Simon Delacroix, which comes on the one hand , to us to shoot the brains out of your ears and blend French specialities à la electro-punk, electro-pop, dark-folk and blip-hop to a gourmet effusion together.

Second in the boat is producer and electro-dy Sonny Moore aka Skrillex – according to press of one of the hundred artists “you should know“. His current record “scary monsters and nice sprites” disregard any limits on genre and married Dubstep, electro and glitch. Probably hanging our arms and legs the next morning so only like labberige pudding remains on us.

You want + accompaniment in his and a little shake your hair?

Then become a fan of the dear Jane here and completes in the comments following set:

I hate summer, because …?

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