List of Cheap Watches

Disclaimer-Today we welcome our brothers the repairers for a selection of watches. Our thing to us is really the clothes (apart from some guides heartfelt Luke, one of our readers), so we offered to repairers to make you their latest finds.

If our BonneGueule friends advise you in your dress and stylistic choices, the repairers add that little more what the watch, and that makes the difference. Only jewel of man, the watch is more than a simple accessory whose sole function of telling the time.

And after all, who looks at his watch to know the time today? Smartphones and other gadgets have shaken our habits and frankly, nothing beats the pleasure of addressing a pretty girl in the street to ask him the time. Is not it?

However, we believe there is no more extraordinary object that a beautiful watch. If the Swiss rival in more expertise than bicentennial to manufacture timepieces extraordinary complications, other brands are innovating in design or new technologies.

But then, how to make the right choice? How to differentiate a beautiful watch a watch junk? Where to steer to acquire or models that suit you? Etc.

This is the kind of advice we are trying day by day to provide our readers As our trips to the country time.

So if you prefer to approach a beautiful creature who will not hesitate to point out your timepiece when you give him time, follow our tips!

Starting with the selection of watches affordable commissioned by Bonne Gueule for you.Here you will find eclectic styles, elegant and timeless that-hopefully we will give you some desires.

Selection of watches from 100 € and 200 € by repairers

Presented watches are classified by increasing price:


Pocket watches are raging at the moment. Banned since the appearance of wrist watches in the early 20 century, the Dandies of the 21 th century hand them up to date.

And if we were to choose one, it would certainly this Memento. Not only its price is attractive but the product is very original. A bear hanging by a string in your pants pocket or preferably inside a jacket.

Nixon Mellor-129€

A classic that will appeal to a large majority. The different colors are successful, especially the combination of blue dial and tri-colored needles templates Navy and Navy Red Brown.

Wear it casual fashion but to avoid a suit by us.

Lip Himalaya-149€

LIP, a watchmaker who rose from the ashes and-in recent years-we pleasantly surprised with reissues of iconic models. The Himalayas shows again a vintage 1950s design that we appreciate in the repairers.

And there, no problem to associate with your best outfit.

Braun Analog-€ 165

This watch Braun pleases us especially for 3 reasons: ease of reading, the purity of its lines and points of subtle colors (yellow for the second hand and red date window).

A preferred bracelet with “Milanese”.

AG Spalding & Bros Regimental-185€

Nato bracelet, brushed steel case, numbers luminova a military look … well, we like.

Landeron Regulator-€ 299

We exceed slightly the budget given by the BonneGueule team, but we could not ignore this beautiful watchmaking discovery.

For that and those who wish to wear a watch with a fun and unusual complication called “jumping hour”, it is made for you! While the movement is not “Swiss Made” (not at that price) but for having tried one, you will have no problem with.

Bonus: The selection BonneGueule

Remi, a sheet metal workers of the forum, you had also prepared a small selection:

CWC G10 (Cabot Watch Company) 100-160 euros

This former Royal Navy staffing LED watch is fitted with a quartz movement ETA. It works with a handy cell system, found once outside the Swatch models.

Findable exclusively LED mirror watches at for a hundred euros, because it is the only appointed dealer for civilians. Or ads / Ebay. In short this Suisso Columbia has an excellent quality / price ratio.

Note: A dial marked ‘T’ indicates the use of tritium (old), ‘L’ = Luminova Using the (recent) to illuminate the display.

Swatch Body and Soul-137 euros

Automatic movement 100% Swiss ETA 2841-1 derived from 2824. This is for the picky movement. This watch is perfect if you want to enter the fabulous world of mechanical watches.

You can see the skeleton of the watch in transparency, quite confusing for a regular traditional colorful Swatch are resservies all summer. You have in front of one of the most beautiful models in the Swatch collection.

Faultless, and the only model in low price visible skeleton.

Seiko Diver 100M et 200M-150 euros

Finally, here is what we will call a “diver”. The image of solidity and robustness is a guarantee of quality that only those who have tried it will know. The movement and finishes compared to prices are more than respectable.

Several versions exist: a rubber strap will sports side, a steel / Milanese wristband will give a casual side and the leather strap strengthen the chic / smart / formal. One can vary the pleasures!

The Hardlex Dial used here is the specialty of Seiko. This is a common choice for a glass of Seiko with good impact resistance. Although it marks a little scratches: the watch will be spared from most shocks. Brief of Made in Japan as we like. From 150 €, varies with different variations.

Finally, for technical terms and get a basic culture on watches: remember our guide on how to choose a watch .