Long Sleeve Shirt with Tie

Hey, heard during a lecture on the subject of etiquette that tie together with long sleeve shirt (e.g. a v-neck Wool Sweater) is style crimes but that it’s ok to have a tie under a cardigan. What is your opinion?


To use the cardigan to the shirt and tie is a nice way to defuse the strict ties, however, are more stringent than a garment cardigan long sleeve shirt. Our view is that the absolutely best looking way to wear a shirt and long sleeves is that the gentleman in the picture to the right is doing. Would you even wear a tie during you can feel free to roll up your sleeves a bit, both on the shirt and the shirt so that the cuff of the shirt is on the outside of the sleeve. This will be more casual and provides better balance in combinations because the shirt can be seen more.

That tie would be a style crimes during the long-sleeved shirt, we are not really involved. With the right color combination and the cuff can be really neat, but without a tie is still preferable.

(The image is retrieved from Dress for less. The sweater is of the brand Tommy Hilfiger.)