Looks Mounted by My Reader!

I have dear readers that don’t know how to thank all this affection that you spend! In fact as I said yesterday in my snap I try to acknowledge all this gratitude through sweepstakes to please you, often, many people can’t afford to buy an iphone 6, makeup, perfume, and so I can repay this kindness, helping realize the dream of many people. But in today’s post what happened, there in my pilates I met Gerges file is my super reader dear, and after a few lessons, she said that her children are my fans, ai in class I met Alice and Bianca, which are mega stylish. What caught my attention was too see how the 9-year-old Alice is stylish, as that little girl has a strong personality and refined taste for fashion, then I thought, that there will be a future blogger, why has style to spare.

AI would chat and chat on my way back, I had an idea! I asked Alice to come in my house and mount a couple of looks for me, it was a challenge for her. As soon as I told my idea she came across. We mark the day and came all of them, mothers and daughters, it was a lovely afternoon here at home, laugh and style. I was shocked with the size well like Alice, she set up looks. Recorded everything on video, so you will know her and know where the inspirations for her ride the looks, you will fall in love with her, that I guarantee.

I photographed the looks too, but hold your play so you can have a better idea of what I’m talking about. I want to hear what you think of this idea of bringing a reader here at home eh, make comments. Another thing too, if you have more ideas, can you tell me, so we can get to know each other! I loved the result of all this. I intend to repeat more and you liked it?