Manager Magazin Klaus und Klaus

Two more months until the Stuttgart Beer Festival. As it is, to make now already thinking about the right outfit. Clear: The dress is a must in the Stuttgart Beer Festival. But what woman wearing it in the current season?

The trend is partly due to the traditional dirndl with its rather simple, muted colors. This can be very sophisticated, especially if you wear it stylishly. The time of Dirndl from bargain chains is now truly over!! If that Dirndl costume from the store is too expensive, which should look around once in a second-hand store. There you will get the matching accessories with a little luck.

A real eye-catcher on the Wasen be this year but Dirndl be in fresh, bright colors. That sounded to last season. Now the clothes have become even brighter to orange and even yellow sun. But most importantly: choose summer dress and apron possible tone on tone. Or a colored apron to a plain black, dark green or mulberry dress. Edel and quality come along the new Dirndl. With fabrics of linen, brocade, or tip. These silk aprons, best wild silk or taffeta. Also in the accessories where the new simplicity: “Less is more” is the motto. From the lacing to the cloth – everything has color harmony.

What to do if you want to wear the Dirndl from last year? Quite simply according to Entertainmentdns: It is spiced up with a red dress in one of the trendy colors. Given a matching color or a white blouse, also boots, pumps, strappy or high heels. Although the Dirndl has become longer-usually they end now between the knee and calf-applies: Young girls may of course still like to show legs and wear mini Dirndl. Gladly combined with sneakers, ballet flats or bawdy mountain boots. Modern interpretations of classic costume dress are also desirable in this season-unless they are implemented smart.