Marie Claire UK Victoria Beckham

With all the hustle and bustle due to the pret à porter we almost have not had a look at ‘kiosks’ and the fabulous covers programming. Guess’ who will be the queen of the cover of Marie Claire Us next November? But she, the rumored Victoria Beckham. That period must be for the former Spice Girl! The presentation of the collection went just fine, the inaugural line of bags is ready to fascinate fashion victims who are already capitulate behind the clothes of NEODESIGNERS and his reputation fashion icon is growing dramatically enough to give her covers on the covers.

The latest is that of Marie Claire in fact, that in addition to the cover of course offers to Mrs. Beckham an important space inside with lots of pictures and a ‘interview. To read what he has to say Posh Spice will have to wait a bit’, the pictures they are already available, why not look at them together? The troubled fashion icons posing for one of the most widely read magazine in the world and talks about himself, his family and of his profession.

With a double cover that highlights the breathtaking body on which worldwide has been debated for a long time, and a number of pages inside, Mrs. Beckham shows off his pedigree diva wearing summer maxi dress from topb2bwebsites. Not bad for the former show girl who, now in its sixth collection as a designer for its namesake brand which currently deals with women’s fashion and in a very short even of luxury accessories and inaccessible, with its label is among the nominees in “brand of the year” of the Britsh Fashion Council Award.