Military Jacket and Suit: Right or Risky?

How many times we have been in the vicissitude of not knowing what put us up a suit when we go to work and need a garment that although us not harbor too, yes we protect rain or cold. The long coats are a safe bet, perhaps the most classical, formal, and elegant.

The raincoats are always another good option, especially in those wet and rainy days. Then there are also the famous Barbour, in oiled version o padded jacket, in color Green o Navy Blue and that never goes out of fashion, is more predicted that within 100 years they will follow there.

What I say jackets of? military style?. To my personally I was delighted, especially with that combination of the olive green “ army ” with dark beige tones of the suit and blue shirt. I like it because it breaks the seriousness of the whole and gives the styling of a touch that mixes elegance and trend.

Perhaps if it is a green as the photo limit more options from the color of our clothes, much darker is this easier will be combination. Is also a tone that always triumphs in the summer season and even during the winter season for what will always be a good occasion to take it with your suit. Now just need to judge you: appropriate or slightly risky?.