MOM Fashion, Son Super Fashion (And Game)

The famous and the women of the street have shown one thing: pregnancy is no longer something to hide, a period of mourning for the beauty of the woman, that just came out of House, as well related the novel what wind is carried. In her Scarlet shocked staff because you walk in the street with their already advanced pregnancies. Not only women are beautiful during pregnancy but after it. Miranda Kerr and January Jones We show it.

For me there is nothing more beautiful to see a mother with her child, both monkeys and fashionable. The comfort of both is the most important thing but see how the style of mother is projected on how will dress the child, is a delight. And these are two clear examples.

Isn’t it great how chose January Jones Exit to the street with her son, conjoined, very casual and with a very sweet campero touch? I love style typical of 7 brides for 7 Brothers of peque and you?

It’s Miranda Kerr It is also, almost always, note. Beautiful with its jacket leather rocker and his red lips but if add you…

The styling of your child be aggregated, is just delicious. Pictures of the small and his jacket are great pants, how conjuntadoa the colors of both also. Fashion go same dresses (mother and children) has been passed, now is the style look the same style but different garments.