Music: D E N A –“Games“ Acoustic

D E N A – games (acoustic version) from dftb on Vimeo.

Would we have our the not so terrible love, we’d be any objective coverage of musical surprises in the location. We can’t but, because only once pretty girlfriends pride resonates in every line that is written here. We push our butterflies produced by shared stage fright but for a brief moment aside, it is clear: If you don’t like Dena, which pushes children into the Lake. Therefore objectivity at this point is really not needed.

Denitza Todorova was born in Bulgaria, but is home for several years in the world, but especially in Berlin. In everything she does, follow only their hearts, your own head, and this physical sting, called a gut feeling. She like Sun RA and secretly even Beyoncé, do like to eat falafel and marvels cubes over the world, every day. It looks and feels it, because at Dena, each beat is all Dena, every word, every text.

After they both “The whitest boys alive“ albums as a female voice was heard, played in various bands, mixed mix tapes for years and wrote songs, made it’s with „ cash, diamond rings, swimming pools “the ears of half the planet for themselves alone to win. The next big thing becomes gigantic, so much had ever betrayed. Until then, we write D E N A with bold Sharpie at any club door and run their first public acoustics work in continuous loop. That what of there in „ games“ namely goes, we would a the or other weird bird truly like to feast on the deceitful face tattoo. “And all you want me to is to connect you / / with everyone that I know / / drop a nice word on you / / but I know what you are actually all about / / all that you want is to be closer to the stars (…) //And everything is all ok / / until the point when you start to pretend that you / / want me to be your real friend / / Tell you everything / / but something’s telling me that you’re playing Games” Dear Anna, you’re so of course mind-blowing, mouth watering and everything outter space you can imagine.