Nail Rings – Know This New Trend

After the trends of the most varied styles of enamels with colors and shapes of varied finishes, those who love trends when it comes to hands and nails should be aware of the newest new arrival in Brazil: Nail Rings: nail ring), which is nothing more than a ring used on the nails, on the nails or the tip of the nails.

Nail Rings – Know This New Trend

The novelty among the Brazilians came abroad, invented by the Jules Kim design – famous for its exotic, unusual and differentiated creations. From Jules’ inspiration, many other brands began to invest in nail rings in their accessory lines, creating several versions and models of fingernail rings for sale, winning hundreds and thousands of hands from the most stylish women in the United States and the European countries.

Currently, the trend has already fallen in the popular taste of many women, including Brazilian women. However, for some this novelty is still very timid and “different.” The nail ringcan currently be found in various shapes, colors and sizes to suit different profiles and styles of each woman. The models to use on the nail tip are as diverse as possible, you can use only one nail ring, preferably on the ring nail (similar to the trend of single daughter style nails). Or you can use the nail ring on all your nails, creating a very different and daring style for your hands. Other ways to combine the nail ring is to decorate the nail colors with the ring, or harmonize the nail ring with other accessories on the arm, such as bracelets and watches, for example, making a mix of modern and daring accessories. Perfect for increasing the simple and basic productions of everyday life.

Nail Ring – Models

Some models of nail rings have the purpose of completely covering the shape of the nail, as if it were a kind of metallic false nails, being able to be used in all the fingers or only in one of the fingers, passing even the impression of being claws. However, if you wish to add only one nail ring, you can choose to use adhesive applications in the same color or on the same ring pattern (nail rings), creating a very beautiful and harmonious effect for your hands.

Here in the Brazilian territory, the trend has not yet fully established and to find the nail ring it is necessary to look for a lot until you find it, because there are not many national stores that have joined the novelty and are marketing the nail ring, but for those who are interested in the novelty , just look for the nail ring through the virtual stores or even the international shopping sites such as Ebay, for example, surely through this site you will find several nail ring options with varied prices and design.

Check below some models of nail rings:

It is worth checking the news. But, and you would wear the nail ring? Tell us what you think of the trend nail rings!