Our Site Styling & Shoot: Behind The Scenes

It’s nearly two in the night and I can’t sleep. Instead to bathe me in the blanket, I must once understand the experience of the last few days. Never has someone to my eyebrow sheared himself, never a stranger my finger nails filed, until suddenly two for fashion, helped me to the right moves over the eyes and on top of that made that my finger is now much filigree look.

Just a day later, Sarah and I grabbed the suitcase again and arrived by air mail in Sweden. The Swedish online shop Trini by Trini had Warderobe (look lab) from Denmark, Sandra 5 inches and up from Finland, Frida from Sweden, Yara of this chick’s got style from Amsterdam and us two Janes to the shooting loaded. The task: Each of us durftewolltemusste is through a giant wardrobe won hundred, minimarket and several pairs of shoes root, at the end of for Christmas and new year’s Eve in the hands to keep each a matching outfits, which were cut off in turn only a little later on the model – from a ball-bellied photographer who could not have been terrific and dear.

Before we jumped around even with the models on our side in front of the lens, were allowed to also let’s us take in shell and enjoy the luxury of several stylists who looked out really as cute as the models and rereading bloggers even – I’m afraid you can about imagine that I felt a little bit, as be went something wrong with my dark brown-colored hair genes.

In between we attacked in order to nerve calming not only once, but roughly every half hour for a cigarette, heard music (Skrillex with a Modeshooting? True story), gave a little video interview that we constantly had to begin from their own stupidity, and ate – of course – salad. But don’t worry: we have gefuscht and we fished about half a kilo of feta from the bowl. There’s finally to marvel at our editorial in the print version of Nelly magazine from December, followed of course also online photos and videos. But since we keep you of course to date.

We had a great time, my Dears. Her crazy bloggers thanks to the wonderful team behind Nelly, Rosann and you, thanks to you, our readers, without which we could never get this chance. Really can do we’ s still not. Maybe tomorrow, when lands the plane in Berlin, once we’re back at our loved ones if we make our roommates with all kinds of fashion girls anecdotes all banana in the head and be brought back to the snag leagues everyday floor.