Oversized Round Sunglasses

If you follow trends, or if you read magazines fashionistas, you have noticed that in addition to the white shoe, it is the round sunglasses are back. Not necessarily to John Lennon who always wore thin frames, but with XXL frames and lenses mirror, both kitschy and cool.

The model that just cracks me Carven:

And costs the modest sum of 245 euros. So I resigned myself to say that “no such price is not reasonable” and I started looking for a more affordable pair.And then last Saturday while I was looking no more, I went to H & M where sublime pairs 5.95 euros only waiting for me. Sunglasses mirrors for some models, flashy colors for others, I did not know then choose girl cliche that I am … I have all taken!

(Well there by cons I found the black model, if you want to see the others, will you go to shop!)

What do you think? You crack on what sunglasses models for this summer? Visit Pauldigo for more tips about how to choose a pare of sunglasses.