Perfect Christmas Outfit Style

You have parties of Christmas on the horizon and you still brettez on what you wear? You hesitate between a pretty festive dress or a jumpsuit ultra trendy ?

That’s so good, because I’ve prepared a « duel mode » to help you decide! Yes, I’m fine like this me!

Wear a summer dress – for:

  • It can hardly go wrong with a nice dress. A good summer dress for the cheap clothing in white  and those who have not yet totally the jumpsuit look.
  • It is certain that a dress, it’s Super feminine. Girly look every time.
  • The dress can also be an economic choice, because you probably already have some in your closet just waiting to do a lap. This is vary the accessories and’re you ready to go celebrate.

Wear a summer dress – cons:

  • Comfort and freedom of movement, it is not always the best choice, especially in mini or skin-tight version.
  • In winter, it was not too the choice to put on pantyhose or nylon stockings, because let’s face it it’s weird to have the legs in the air when it’s snowing outside…

Wear a jumpsuit – to:

  • Super trendy, darling of the #itgirls (as Gigi!) of the fashion world.
  • No need to get your legs waxed: good news for those who forgot to take an appointment with the beautician!
  • Depending on the model chosen, usually super comfy.
  • Can be worn in a very dressed, even mundane event (like the holiday party in the large law firm of boyfriend, for example).

Wear a jumpsuit-cons:

  • Not really practical to go to the p’ little corner during the evening, especially for those who drink water like camels. To book the bladders of race and those who is in swing anyway, because why complain if it looks hell, right? #whocares #yolo
  • You still have to treat a minimum the appearance of our legs if we choose a model combi-shorts (Yes, it is even in winter, as a shorter dress, with tights.)
  • A combi badly adjusted to the fork (too short for example) can create such dreaded camel toe… Everything. Except. Chic.
    Stylist trick: when in doubt, prefer the fluid model, not too tight there where he should not.